Where are your Buying Offices located?
They are currently located at our Corporate Office in Boise, Idaho.

New Items:

How often does WinCo have New Item Meetings?
WinCo Foods regularly conducts New Item Meetings; Visit Product Placement (under Forms). 

How will I know if my item(s) has been accepted?
Click on the “Meeting Results” tab at the top of the page for the most current New Item Meeting results.

If my item(s) is not accepted, how soon may I re-present?
The general guideline is six months. This, however, is subject to buyer discretion.

My product is only for an in & out promotion. Do I need to meet with a buyer and go thru a New Item Meeting?
No, if the product is a promotional in & out item only, you just need to schedule an appointment with the department Director of Promotional Buying. 

What options do I have for promoting my new item at WinCo Foods?
WinCo has many ways to promote your new item. The product may be displayed on the Wall of Values (at the discretion of the merchandiser), a green tag (price reduction) can be generated when you offer a promotion, demos, online coupons and our website are all available to you.”


New Vendors:

What is the procedure for becoming a new vendor partner with WinCo Foods?
The first step is to contact your category buyer at the Buying Offices and find out if the item is of interest. Next, you schedule an appointment with your buyer and bring all of the necessary forms with you to your appointment.

What forms do I need to complete for this first appointment?
Please complete a New Item Form, a Reclamation Form, an EDI Partner form and a Nutrition Ingredient Form (if requested by the buyer). All of these forms may be found on the Forms page under “New Vendor Forms” If the item is DSD, please locate those appropriate forms under the “DSD” heading.

What if I only want to present an In & Out Promotional Item?
Please complete a New Item Form, a Merchandising Form, a Reclamation Form and an EDI Partner form. All of these forms may be found on the Forms page under “New Vendor Forms” If the item is DSD, please locate those appropriate forms under the “DSD” heading.

Does WinCo Foods require a vendor to be EDI capable in order to do business with them?
No, although maximizing the use of EDI is a priority for us. Cooperative efforts thru the use of EDI have resulted in increased accuracy, improved timeliness and reduced operating expenses. WinCo Foods encourages all manufacturers and brokers to be EDI compliant.

What if I would like to submit an additional allowance on a new item I am presenting?
Please complete a Vendor Promo Offer form.

Where can I find WinCo Foods credit information for my accounting department?
The credit information necessary can be found on the Forms page under “Accounting” or “New Vendor”.

Do you have a Routing Guide or any specific labeling requirements I should be aware of?
Please see the specific Warehouse Receiving Policy located on the Forms page. This will cover all information regarding shipping merchandise to a WinCo Foods Distribution Center.

Can you provide me with the sales data for my new item?
No, WinCo Foods does not share data.


WinCo Forms:

PLEASE COMPLETE ALL FORMS ACCURATELY. Providing complete and accurate information on your forms will help to expedite the process.

How do I complete the New Item Form?
On the Forms page you will find the instructions for completing the New Item form and several examples of completed New Item forms. If the item is DSD, visit the DSDpage for more information and forms.

Is it acceptable to alter the WinCo form?
No, it is not acceptable to alter the WinCo form.

What if I have more items than will fit on one form?
Submit a second form with the continuing information.

What form do I use if I need to submit a price change?
Please complete a Price Change form.

What form do I use if I need to submit a pack/size change?
Please complete a New Item Form.

What form do I use if I would like to submit a promotion (green tag) on an item(s)?
Please complete a Vendor Promotion form.

How soon should I submit price change, pack/size change and promotion forms?
Please submit them as soon as the information is available. In the case of price changes and promotions, WinCo Foods requires a four week notice; Refer to Policies and Procedures


Website Questions

How do I register to the site?
Simply complete our New User Registration Form, once approved you will receive an email confirmation.

How soon will it take for my registration to be approved?
Registrations will be reviewed within 72 hours, not accounting for holidays or weekends.

What requirements must I meet?
You must be representing a company that provides grocery retailers with product. No retailers, members of the press or public will be accepted. Please use an email address related to your company when registering. Registrations from public email addresses from domains such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. may be denied or require further confirmation.

How do I change my password?
You may change your password and other details from your profile.